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Here at Nyamwange Foundation, we are driven by a single goal; to improve urban cities one child at a time.  This ideal governs every decision we make.  We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our pursuits.



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Thomas Johnson

Proud Parent

Words cannot explain the gratitude I have for the Nyamwange Foundation for giving Keith the chance to experience what he and I agree on as a trip of a lifetime. The time spent in Africa through his own words was amazing, uplifting and exhilarating. As a parent you want your children to experience all the great gifts in life, the gift of love,the gift of learning gratitude, the gift of experiencing all the things that you may not have been able to obtain for yourself this trip has definitely fulfilled that. I would again like to thank the Nyamwamge Foundation and staff for allowing Keith to travel to Kenya to open his mind and his heart. 

 Lisa Angus-Caines

Member of the Board of Directors

I am honored to be part of a foundation that not only supports underprivileged students and affords them opportunities to excel, but also gives them life changing experiences they would not otherwise have. I’m excited about making a difference in the urban community through the Nyamwange Foundation.

 Principal Sandra Jones Legay

James F. Murray Elementary

PS #38 Jersey City, NJ

Many thank you to The Nyamwange Foundation  for paying it forward to the children of Jersey City, NJ. The Nyamwange family has developed a stellar program to increase student's self esteem, scholarship, and provide cultural experiences abroad. Their generous support has aided students to go further in their college and career development.


At the Nyamwange Foundation, we believe that Education is a key component to our children's success.  Therefore, part of our initiative is to provide a scholarship for students who attend  Jersey City, Baltimore, and Washington D.C Public Schools and demonstrate a growth mindset.