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Joseph Abuga Nyamwange is a notable financial strategist, social entrepreneur, and philanthropist that credits his current success to his humble beginnings in Jersey City, New Jersey. Born to Kenyan parents who migrated to this country in the 1980s for better opportunities, they taught Joe and his siblings that with grit, hard work, and faith, all things are possible.

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Growing up in an urban community, Joe experienced firsthand that being black in America comes with specific challenges unique to our culture. However, from a young age, he was committed to excellence despite the limitations that society tried to put on him. He has developed a  burning passion for helping people of color overcome the racial and economic disparities that have kept them far behind their white counterparts for centuries. The Nyamwange Foundation and Nyamwange Investments were both founded because of this desire to be a catalyst for systemic change in the black community.



The Nyamwange Foundation was started by Joe and his family in 2018 in an effort to help as many youths of color as possible to change the trajectory of their lives and leave a financial legacy they can be proud of.


In 2021, Nyamwange Investments was created to effectively close the racial wealth gap in America through education, programs, and platforms that address and break down systemic challenges and obstacles to wealth building.


Joe’s greatest joy is marrying his best friend Sasha Wilson and being the father of his children, Jade, Nia, and Wilson.

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